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  • Actuarial Career Feature

Job Openings for Actuarial Students

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Job openings for actuarial student provide entry-level access to what the Wall Street Journal has called one of the best jobs in America. A couple of great places to look for such openings are the and websites. One might have slightly more success using because actuarial student job openings are often in accounting roles and involve substantial on-the-job training.

Job Openings for Actuarial Students
Actuarial student job openings require strong mathematical skills because actuarial science uses equations to establish tables of risk by using the study of random events to determine probabilities of occurrence.
Actuarial science is basically the science of risk assessment and of financial planning for various kinds of risks. Those filling actuarial student job openings will use their backgrounds in accounting, mathematics, statistics, and economics to apply to a specialty discipline within actuary practice. For example, someone going into a health actuary position would need to have or gain knowledge about the healthcare industry and its practices.

Actuarial student job openings can be pretty advanced positions since so much training occurs on the job before final certification and because experience as well as education is needed to take and pass qualification exams. An actuarial student who uses or may, for example, be an accomplished CPA who is seeking additional training and credentialing.

Actuarial student job openings require strong mathematical skills because actuarial science uses equations to establish tables of risk by using the study of random events to determine probabilities of occurrence. A background in college-level statistics and other higher math is almost always a requirement in actuarial student job openings because such knowledge is needed and used constantly. Good computer science skills are also required to create and use programs to interpret and describe risks in monetary and other terms.

Those applying for actuarial student job openings also need exceptional communication skills. It is not enough merely to know the equations and science, because the actuary must be able to explain his or her actions to other executives and managers who do not have the same skills or know the same jargon. Actuaries must also be able to devise and communicate systems that tend to reduce and minimize risk both for safety and economic reasons. It may be necessary, for example, to explain that some expensive safety equipment or procedure is actually cheaper in the long run than the risk of a serious injury or fatality. Those who seek actuarial student job openings must be excellent communicators who fully describe the parameters of risk.

At the most basic levels, actuarial student job openings may be excellent for those simply exploring the very idea of an actuarial career. What better way to see if a career fits you than actually doing it and seeing how well you do and how satisfying the work is to you? Of course, certain basic qualifications may be essential for any actuarial student job openings, no matter how interested you may be.

You can find actuarial student job openings on and related websites in many different disciplines, from life insurance to social service fields. Having a background in economics is a strong asset for these jobs, as is related industry experience. A former life insurance agent, for example, might take courses in mathematics, accounting, and economics and then look for insurance-related actuarial student job openings. A company might prefer this background to that of an average accounting graduate. Many companies are happy to take any qualified applicant, however, since the demand is high and growing for actuaries. and are the best sites for job openings in the field. A search for actuarial student job openings will return both US and foreign jobs in all disciplines of actuarial science. The site does the work for you by searching job boards and other sites not commonly visited and delivering results in one convenient location. It is unlikely that you could find as many actuarial student job openings anywhere else without searching for many hours, even if you knew every potential place to work.

As an actuarial student, you will perform analysis and risk determination under the supervision of a fully credentialed actuary and/or chief actuary and will gain the experience and continued education required to be certified as well. This is satisfying work that has real and tangible benefits to businesses as well as to society. Using and will quickly show you how much opportunity is out there for the ambitious actuarial student.

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